Creating your own local server


  1. Open up Terminal (Applications/Utilities/Terminal)

  2. Type “cd”, then a space, then drag your “interactive 2” folder from Finder into the Terminal window. This will result in something that looks like:

    cd /Users/laurelschwulst/Documents/Sites/interactive2
  3. Then press enter

  4. Type “python -m SimpleHTTPServer” and press enter again. After you do this, it should say:

    Serving HTTP on port 8000 …
  5. Once you get that message, open up your web browser. Type “localhost:8000” in the address bar. The local version of your website should appear. You just created a local server! (If you close out your Terminal window, it will kill the local server. If you want to recreate it, just follow these steps again.)

Updated on July 06, 2016